Welcome to Banshee Public House

Named for Irish folklore "fairy-woman", the owners 
of Trinity Pub bring you The Banshee Pub. 
A place to meet… laugh… watch… listen… party… enjoy!

A good-looking, lovely, local Irish pub, with a tastefully hand-painted mural. Friendly Irish bartenders will make you feel like a regular. It's a cozy bar, with intimate, comfortable seating areas and back parlor to attract a professional, hip, crowd.

Featuring state-of-the-art sound system playing all the popular tunes and three TVs for your viewing pleasure. Also guest bartenders every Thursday night.

Parties welcome.

We're located at 1373 First Ave. (at E. 74th St.) 
Call us at 212-717-8177 
or e-mail


  The Banshee