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Banshee Pub NYC

The hub for fun and excitement, as a means to welcome the weekend.

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Enjoy the Best of Nightlife

Suitable options and a long list of choices are all here to guard into a zone that reeks of all that one needs to enjoy the nightlife like never before. So coming ahead to accept our services will only highlight your experience and take it to a whole different level.

Outdoor seating

A comfortable view opens the door for a casual experience that will mark the evening as a special occasion.


Take a walk or spend a few moments at the poolside as you embark on an adventure that is more appealing than ever.

Private Dining Rooms

To ease and enhance the experience, we are offering private dining rooms that are ready to serve you better.

Pubs And The Nightclubs

Celebration of Senses

Night Lights

Live Entertainment

Raise a toast for the night and enjoy countless hours of live entertainment that are sure to lift your spirits and leave you at a different planet. So cancel the wait and come ahead to experience this moment that matters the most.

Fine Dining

The fine dining option comes loaded with all that is needed to signal the mark of luxury and help you get accustomed to a new feeling. With all this in place, you will be able to seize the moment and remember it forever.

Happy Customers

Go ahead and read all about our service from the perspective of our loyal customers.
“Banshee pub is a beautiful place where you can spend a lot of time with your loved ones because the experience is warm and moreover, comforting.”
Dawn J. Hamilton
“Once I discovered this place there was no turning back as I loved all that they had to offer and I continue to enjoy them to this day.”
Luis B. Reliford
“My husband and I always have a great time at Banshee, and it is the place where we celebrated our 2nd anniversary.”
Doris D. Perkinson

On the rocks for a perfect evening
Feel the New kind of happiness

Latest From Our Blog

The Best Healthy Snacks To Choose At A Pub

healthy nuts


Healthy snacks are often things which we do look for when we visit the pub and when we are trying to lose weight or keep weight off. The urge to snack is high in a pub, which is why there’s a lot of different stackable options out there for you to consider.


However, a lot of them aren’t going to do you any good and will instead leave you at risk of putting weight back on. There are quite a few different healthy snacks which would be great for you and your body, and online personal trainer Keith will be taking a look at a few of them here and now.


Mixed Nuts


Nuts are a good snack choice, being rich in protein and providing you with something which is reasonably healthy to eat. It’s important to consider that some kinds of nuts contain a naturally high salt content, and thus aren’t as healthy, but there are plenty of different nuts that you can eat which are good for you. It’s all about making sure that you consider all of the possible options, and finding a collection of nuts which work for you.


Dark Chocolate and/or Almonds


And it turns out, dark chocolate isn’t actually as bad for you as regular chocolate is. It’s not the cocoa which causes you to gain weight – it’s instead the mass amounts of milk, sugar and sweeteners which are bad for you. Dark chocolate contains none of those, or at the very least trace amounts, and so it isn’t as bad for you like other kinds of snacks, plus it can taste nice too.


Kale Chips


As an alternative to potato chips and crips, kale chips are an excellent choice for someone to consider. Kale itself is loaded with all kinds of good vitamins and minerals, providing your body with more than the RDA of particular vitamins, so you know it’s a good choice. Plus, they go great with a homemade dip.




Sometimes the simplest snacks are the best ones. Fruit is an easy thing for people to get their hands on, and can provide them with an accessible source of energy and vitamins. You would be wise to consider fruit as something to carry around with you, just because it can really help you to feel better. Whether it’s the Vitamin C which comes from oranges or the potassium in bananas, there’s something for absolutely everyone to consider.


Overall, these are just a few of the different healthy snacks you should consider for yourself, as they all offer an excellent way to stay full during the day and not to put weight back on. It’s not always easy to remain committed to a diet plan when you are trying to find something to snack on. Thankfully, all of these different snack based items are relatively easy to get access to, and they can make all the difference for people who want to be able to snack but don’t want to break their good habits.






5 Tips To Offer The Best Guest Experiences In Your Bar


If You Want Your Bar To Have The Best Audience Compared To Your Competitors, You Must Make Sure That You Are Following The Best Practices. When You Have a Unique Experience To Offer To Your Guests, You Will Automatically See Growth In Your Sales And Loyal Customers. Making a Few Changes In Your Bar And Setting a Few New Rules Can Have a Huge Impact On The Reputation Of Your Bar. These Five Tips Will Help You Create a Better Ambience And Experience For Your Guests.

Capture Memories

You Can Have a Professional Photographer In The Bar To Capture The Moments Of The People Who Are Celebrating Their Day. Many Bars And Restaurants Have Used This Concept To Improve Customer Experience. Treat Your Guests With Someone Who Can Capture Candids For Them While They Are Celebrating. Offer The Collection Of Images To Your Guests Which They Can Save In Their Memories For Years, Remembering That It Is Your Restaurant Where They Had All The Fun.


Keep The Dance Floor Active

If You Really Want People To Keep Ordering Drinks And Snacks, You Need a Good Music Playlist That Can Get The People Tapping. Live Music Can Set The Tone Of The Evening And Get The Customers Tapping Their Feet Until They Are Ready To Get On The Dance Floor. You Can Invite Different Artists To Perform At Your Bar To Have Something For Every Type Of Audience. Let The Music And Comfort Of Your Customers Make Good Sales For You.

Themed Cocktail Menu

This Idea Can Help You Gain a Particular Type Of Audience Or a Community. Tag Your Drinks With Some Popular Theme Like The Game Of Thrones, And Watch The Fans Come In Your Bar Every Weekend To Celebrate Their Got Talks. You Can Also Set Special Menu Of Days Such As Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Etc. Use Your Social Media Handles To Share Your Themed Party Pictures, And People Automatically Get Interested In Checking Your Bar Out.

Surprise & Delight

Keep a Surprise Option For The Customers If They Want To Surprise Their Loved Ones On Their Anniversary, Birthday, Or Any Other Occasion. Even When They Want To Celebrate a Divorce, Or To Quit The Job, Help Them Celebrate In Style. Keep The Party Items Like Balloons And Candles In Stock To Use Them On Such Occasions. It Will Make The Customers Feel Home And Will Develop More Loyalty To Your Restaurant.


Prepare In Advance

Be Prepared For The Best And For The Worst Always. In Case Something Goes Wrong, You Should Step In Right Away And Save The Day. From Helping Your Customers With Safety Pins To Save Them From The Embarrassment Of a Broken Strap To Have a Quick Cleaning Up Service Incase Someone’s Tummy Hurt, You Will Need To Manage Everything. A Small Problem Can Stop The Party Of Your Guests In The Middle, And You Will Miss Half Of Your Profits. Provide The Right Help To Them So They Can Spend The Entire Time At Your Bar.

How To Create An Ideal Pub, Restaurant, Or Bar Layout


When You Have An Idea Of Converting An Empty Space Into a Commercial Bar Or a Restaurant, You Will Be Putting In a Lot Of Investment In Making At As Attractive As You Can. The Concept Of The Layout In Your Brain May Look Perfect, But You Should Consider a Realistic Approach And Plan Your Layout Properly. If Your Bar Or Restaurant Does Not Meet The Expectations Of The Guests, You Cannot Expect Much Growth. These Important Tips Will Help You Design The Ideal Layout For Your Pub, Bar, And Restaurant.


Strategic Kitchen Location

It Would Help If You Learned About The Fundamentals Of Circulation Of Bar And Restaurants. Planning a Layout Considering The Flow Of Traffic In And Out Of The Kitchen Is Very Important. If You Are Opening a Bar And Grill, You Need To Place The Bar And Dining Close To Each Other Strategically. You Do Not Have To Keep The Bar In The Centre Or Too Close To The Dining As It Can Disturb Two Different Types Of Customers (Diners And Drinkers). However, You Would Want The Bar To Be Close Enough To Serve The Hot Food To The Guests At The Bar.

Space Constraints

Before Finalizing The Bar Dimensions, You Need To Figure Out The Space Available For Your Bar. Your Designer Should Consider The Area Of The Space To Create a Blueprint That Can Fit Everything From The Barstools To Minute Accessories Like Foot Rails And Bar Rails. When You Have The Right Blueprint, You Will Be Able To Shop Better For The Furniture. When You Shop For These Fixtures, Try To Stick To a Theme That Can Fit And Suit The Entire Space.


Service And Safety

The Ease Of Serving In Your Bar Area Will Help Your Staff To Manage The Customers Better. You Do Not Want Your Staff To Be Tripping Over The Stools Due To Bar Spacing. Keep Enough Free Space So That Your Servers Can Go In And Out Without Any Trouble. Also, When You Have a Bigger Bar, You May Need More Than One Bartender. Similarly, When The Bar Is Too Small, You Will Not Need Two Bartenders. Plan The Service Wisely.

Ergonomic Bar Measurement Guidelines

Using The Ergonomic Standards, You Can Make a Safer And More Comfortable Ambience For Your Customers And Staff. Using The Proper Bar Height, Bar Top, And The Dining Area Will Help In Setting The Standard Comfortable Ambience. Learn About The Ergonomics Safety Standards Of The Bar And Restaurants To Plan Your Space Better.

Ambience And Amenities


Your Customers Should Feel Suffice Of The Things That Are Available In Your Bar And Restaurant. You Also Need To Think About What Makes Your Customers Happy. Keeping Them Relaxed And Spend More Time Should Be Your Priority, Given That They Are Spending Money. You Can Think About Your Bar Entrance Separately And Make It Welcoming To People. Use Artwork And Lighting To Develop Curiosity Among Customers To Check Out Your Bar. You Can Also Keep a Board Outside Mentioning Dish Of The Day, Special Drinks, Happy Hours, And The Artists Performing To Let People Know What Is Happening Inside.

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