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The Best Healthy Snacks To Choose At A Pub

healthy nuts


Healthy snacks are often things which we do look for when we visit the pub and when we are trying to lose weight or keep weight off. The urge to snack is high in a pub, which is why there’s a lot of different stackable options out there for you to consider.


However, a lot of them aren’t going to do you any good and will instead leave you at risk of putting weight back on. There are quite a few different healthy snacks which would be great for you and your body, and online personal trainer Keith will be taking a look at a few of them here and now.


Mixed Nuts


Nuts are a good snack choice, being rich in protein and providing you with something which is reasonably healthy to eat. It’s important to consider that some kinds of nuts contain a naturally high salt content, and thus aren’t as healthy, but there are plenty of different nuts that you can eat which are good for you. It’s all about making sure that you consider all of the possible options, and finding a collection of nuts which work for you.


Dark Chocolate and/or Almonds


And it turns out, dark chocolate isn’t actually as bad for you as regular chocolate is. It’s not the cocoa which causes you to gain weight – it’s instead the mass amounts of milk, sugar and sweeteners which are bad for you. Dark chocolate contains none of those, or at the very least trace amounts, and so it isn’t as bad for you like other kinds of snacks, plus it can taste nice too.


Kale Chips


As an alternative to potato chips and crips, kale chips are an excellent choice for someone to consider. Kale itself is loaded with all kinds of good vitamins and minerals, providing your body with more than the RDA of particular vitamins, so you know it’s a good choice. Plus, they go great with a homemade dip.




Sometimes the simplest snacks are the best ones. Fruit is an easy thing for people to get their hands on, and can provide them with an accessible source of energy and vitamins. You would be wise to consider fruit as something to carry around with you, just because it can really help you to feel better. Whether it’s the Vitamin C which comes from oranges or the potassium in bananas, there’s something for absolutely everyone to consider.


Overall, these are just a few of the different healthy snacks you should consider for yourself, as they all offer an excellent way to stay full during the day and not to put weight back on. It’s not always easy to remain committed to a diet plan when you are trying to find something to snack on. Thankfully, all of these different snack based items are relatively easy to get access to, and they can make all the difference for people who want to be able to snack but don’t want to break their good habits.






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